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Roofing Contractors Attic Importance

An attic’s sole purpose is to insulate a house. It keeps the heat inside during the winter and out during the summer. Oftentimes, people don’t consider it as a source of air circulation, which is just as important as insulation itself. Give our team a call here at Milwaukee Roofing Contractors

In order for an attic to stay cool during the summer months, it must have proper ventilation that not only circulates air but moves humid air away from your home. In fact, an attic can reach temperatures upwards of 160 degrees Fahrenheit! This heat will cause mold and mildew to grow everywhere. Research has shown that if there is little to no humidity in an attic, it’s unlikely there will be any growth of mold or mildew. On top of keeping your house at a comfortable temperature year-round, cool air inside the attic will keep your insulation dry.Roofing Contractors Attic Insulation

When insulation becomes wet, it loses its ability to insulate properly and wastes energy. A good rule of thumb is that if you can see or feel moisture anywhere in your insulation, it needs to be dried as soon as possible. If you have an attic with vents installed on only one side, there are chances for poor circulation which can cause moisture issues. This can occur because hot air rises, so without ventilation on both sides of the house, airflow is limited causing the heat not to ventilate properly. This results in mold growth and mildew forming within your walls which can damage any surface they grow on including sheets and personal property such as books and furniture.

It’s important for an attic to be properly ventilated and it really doesn’t take much effort. Installing soffit vents on the lower level of your house will help by providing cool air from outside and allowing it to circulate into the highest point of your home, the attic. If you feel there is not enough ventilation in your attic or that you would like more information on how to buy insulation, contact our experts today!

·         A well-ventilated attic will keep your house cool during the summer months, reduce any chance of moisture damage, and increase the efficiency of insulation saving money year-round.

·         You can accomplish this with soffit vents now available from Milwaukee Roofing Contractors.