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Greendale Roofing Guys

Roof Replacement and Repair Experts of the
Greater Greendale Area

Your roof is essential to protecting your home, which is why it should be in good condition. If it isn’t, contact Greendale Roofing Guys to help with any of your roof replacement or roof repairs. We are qualified Greendale roofers who are qualified to help with your Greendale roof replacement needs. professional roofing company

One of the things that might prevent you from getting what you need is the cost to replace a roof. Instead of assuming that you can’t afford to have your roof replaced, why not contact us first. We offer free roof estimates and can tell you exactly how much a new roof cost. When you have a leaky roof and need leak repairs, we can quickly provide you with an emergency roof fix. We have the demonstrated skills needed to handle any of your roofing needs and specialize in replacing every type of roofing system. While you might not think that you can afford to hire someone to replace your roof, consider the alternative. Since we offer some of the most affordable roofing services in Greendale, you can rely on us to provide you with roofing replacement services that you can afford.

About Us

When we first began offering our roofing services, more than 10-years ago, we knew that we had something that would always be necessary, roofing services. As long as homes exist, so will the need to replace the roof or repair it. Since we have chosen to work with the most seasoned roofers in the city, our business has continued to grow over the years. Our team of expert roofers provides our customers with the best quality of roofing services. This is undoubtedly how we have become the most widely used and most reputable roofing company in Greendale, WI.

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    Our Services

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    Whether you need to have your tile roofing replaced or shingle roof, we can perform the job for you. If you’re considering changing from the existing type of roofing system that you have to another one, we can offer you quality roofing that you can depend on. We offer a variety of roof repairs and replacements at Greendale Roofing Guys.

    Residential Roof Replace
    Commercial Roof Replace
    Roof Repairs

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    Residential Roof Replace

    Your roof shelters you. However, if you have a problematic roof, this will be impossible for it to do. Allow us to help you with your residential roofing needs and make sure that you receive the quality of service that you deserve. Our roofers have experience with every type of roofing system, which make it easy for them to provide you with what you want and need.

    Commercial Roof Repair

    If you are a business owner, you can't afford to take unnecessary chances with your roof, since it could adversely affect your business. As a reputable and professional roofing company, we can help you protect your investment by quickly coming to your aid to address any of your roofing service needs. If you have a leaky roof, don't waste time contacting us to take care of the problem for you. We'll be there when you need us!

    Roof Repairs

    You really can’t afford to wait too long to take care of your roof repair needs. Our roofers are ready and willing to quickly come to your aid to assist you with any of your most pressing roof repairs. Since we don’t waste time providing you with repairs, you shouldn’t waste time calling us when you detect a problem.

    Shingle Options
    Tile Roof
    Free Estimates

    Shingle Options

    At Greendale Roofing Guys, we offer a large variety of roof shingle options: asphalt fiberglass, aluminum, copper, corrugated, cedarwood shake, rubber shingles, wood shingle roof, steel shingles, standing seam metal, and more. Consult with our experts about the various roofing options that you'll have to choose.

    Tile Roof

    Tile roofing is one of the many types of roofs that we can replace your roof with and make any needed repairs. When you are thinking of replacing your roofing system with another type, consider tile roofing. We have the needed experience needed to help you find the right type of tile for your roof.

    Free Estimate

    If you are already apprehensive about calling us because you don’t think you can afford our services, the last thing that we would want to do is charge you just to provide you with an estimate. We always offer free estimates, and you are not under any obligation to use our services. However, we hope that you will.

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    Contact Us Today

    When you contact us at Greendale Roofing Guys, you will discover that we are a knowledgeable team of experts who are ready and willing to assist you in any capacity necessary. Our goal is to ensure that everyone is happy with the services that they receive from us, regardless of the extent of the work that we provide to them. We assure our customers of always receive great value for their money when they rely on us for their roof replacement and repairs. As the most reputable and reliable roofing company in Greendale, we are proud to offer a service guarantee.

    “We had to have work done on our roof practically every year since we have been in our home. We needed to get to the bottom of the problem so we contacted Greendale Roofing Guys. It paid off for us because after they made repairs to our roof, we haven’t had a single issue in over two years.” – Brian J.

    “Even after having our roof repaired, we later discovered that we really needed to replace our roof, which we decided to do. We relied on Greendale Roofing Guys because they offered us the most affordable roof replacement rates. We'll use them again!” – Perry R.

    “After consulting with Greendale Roofing Guys, we knew that there was no other company to hire for the job of making repairs to our roof. This company came highly recommended, and they worked with us to make it possible to receive the repairs that we needed. We wouldn't think of using any other roofing service.” – Stan T.